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Photo Hundreds Feared Dead in Indonesia Quake; No Tsunami

Hundreds of people were feared killed in a massive 8.7 magnitude earthquake that hit a small island off western Indonesia on Monday, but panic across Asia that it could lead to another devastating tsunami soon receded.

The Boston Globe 
Bushes make pitch to Fla. seniors
PENSACOLA, Fla. -- His mother and brother at his side, President Bush yesterday traveled to the retiree haven of Florida to seek to assuage seniors' fears over the possibility of their Social Security...Full Story



Khaleej Times
Bush defends war order on anniversary of Iraq invasion
WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush on Saturday defended his decision to order the invasion of Iraq two years ago, hailing the campaign as a landmark event in the histo... More


Al Jazeera
Rice presses N Korea to return to talks
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has told North Korea it must immediately return to talks on its nuclear programme and called on China to embrace democracy on a _________________________________________________________
BBC News
Putin to visit new Ukraine leader
Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to make his first visit to Ukraine since last year's disputed vote there. Relations between the two neighbours were strained by 
BBC News
Protests call for Iraq withdrawal
Thousands of people are expected at UK rallies against the war in Iraq - two years after the US-led assault began. The Stop the War Coalition says coach loads of people...
The Tampa Tribune
Stewart's Sentence May Be Revised
NEW YORK - A federal appeals court has granted a request from Martha Stewart, serving five months of house arrest following a five-month prison term, to give her trial
Khaleej Times
Wolfowitz denies he will be US stooge at World Bank
WASHINGTON ' US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz denied yesterday that he would be doing Washington’s bidding if confirmed as the next president of the World Bank


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