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Ethiopian Aggregation must stop now


United Nation,

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European Union

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African Union

 December 25, 2006


 For months Somalia's internal affairs were desecrated by neighboring country namely Ethiopia. Both Ethiopian and Somali Government have denied for months any presence of Ethiopian troops when witnesses and journalists have reported otherwise.

On December 24, 2006 Ethiopia has for the first time admitted its ground troops were fighting in Somalia and its fighter jets bombed airports in Somalia and are now occupying towns in Somalia without any legitimacy.

International Community have done very little to safeguard the sovereignty of Somalia and international law other than the resolution passed unanimously by 15 members of the security  council which only fluid  the already escalating crisis in Somalia.

The people of Somalia have only enjoyed for the first time in 15 years what peace and stability were all about. Sadly Ethiopia government who the average Patriotic Somali believes would do anything to stop peace and stability taking place in Somalia.

The Ethiopian government massed its troops in Somalia without having any legal authority from the Somalia interim parliament which voted against front line states to be brought in Somalia as peace keeping force nor the United Nation Security Council.

The Ethiopian Government Clearly violates Council resolution 733 (1992) which prohibits supply of armies, military equipments, technical training and assistance intended solely and the use of force.

Security Council resolution 1725(2006), calls for respect of Somalia sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independent and Somali Unity. With all due respect Ethiopian government had violated every word the Security Council resolution 1725(2006) and 733(1992) prohibited

Above all Ethiopian Government went against the will of the people of Somalia. We urge the international community to denounce this aggregation against Somalia. The world community can not afford to take back seat and let Ethiopian government take the lead in solving Somalia's internal affairs when the very right of defensive integrity is violated.

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Press Release By:  United Somali Diaspora



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