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    Somali News Network (SNN) is independent news agency  found by a team of Somali intellectuals in 2002 who were dedicated in making a difference the way news is reporter.

As our nation greaves the tragedy that struck us for more than 13 years ago, throughout these years the media was the symbol our citizens looked to upon. As our country puts its past history behind and moves towards the future, the media has enormous responsibility and bigger role to play in shaping our society, and this will certainly be the role of Somali News Network.

A free press for Somalia would mean a free nation, free from human right violation. It would mean accountability in holding accountable for those who violate laws regardless of their status.

The SNN has appointed a committee that would be monitoring events in Somalia to voice our concerns against any violation of free press and human right. SNN would be a champion in fighting for free press and human rights in Somalia and we believe this fight is long over due.

 We have put together a professional skilled team of news reporters, whose main goal is to eradicate bias in journalism and deliver quality, objective and accurate news to Somali Citizens. Under SNN policy there will be no place under reporter in Somali and across the globe, SNN will do everything in its power to report wherever events may occur. We are devoted to provide a quality news and trustworthy information.

Our reporters are currently stationed cities a cross Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya and we are recruiting many more reporters, we are also based in main cities in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Coming soon will be the SNN television and Radio broadcasting to all our viewers and listeners wherever they may be. We promise to reach out each and every one. SNN is committed to follow the path of objective journalism we go behind the scene in reporting news.

We are currently seeking skilled reporters with a minimum of three years experience or with a BA in journalism/Communication. We encourage and welcome all applicants.

Please visit us at www.snnnews.net

Email us at snn@snnnews.net



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